HowItWorks-860At Chef Steph we make fresh, healthy, home-cooked meals that are delivered directly to your fridge so that you have more time to put your feet up after a hectic day at the office or to enjoy your 5-year-old’s tales of kindergarten around the dinner table.

We believe that sitting down for a delicious meal will bring valuable time to you and your family. You are busy enough with work, kids and errands, so why not leave it to us to do meal planning, research recipes, shop for the freshest ingredients, and prepare healthy gourmet meals the whole family will enjoy. Chef Steph allows you to feel good about the food you’re eating while also feeling good about checking a few things off your to-do list. Goodbye to last minute runs to the grocery store, menu decisions, lukewarm lo mein, and stand up dinners. Hello Chef Steph.

Weekly meals delivered to you

We determine the menu on a weekly basis according to what is seasonal and fresh at the local markets. Delivering weekly to San Francisco households.

Meals for the week will arrive at your house Tuesdays between 1pm and 6pm. Each week there will be a variety of dishes including vegetarian, poultry, meat, and seafood. Each meal will contain a protein, a starch or grain and vegetables. Food will be delivered to your home in glass containers with a menu and heating instructions.  You can either provide a key and I will put the food in your fridge or I can leave the food in a cooler bag with ice outside your door. Cleaned glass containers will be picked up on Tuesdays in your Chef Steph bag.


Family of 2          2 meals a week  $130          3 meals a week $170

….Family of 3          2 meals a week  $200          3 meals a week $250

Family of 4          2 meals a week  $260          3 meals a week $320

Sign up
To sign up for dinner deliveries please fill out this form. Chef Steph will contact you via email to confirm your order. If you have any questions please email Chef Steph directly at or call her at 415.350.0866.

Payment is due at time of delivery. Please leave a check made out to Chef Steph on Tuesdays, Steph will pick-up the check when delivering meals for that week.

Delivery area
Chef Steph delivers to homes in San Francisco proper.